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Beating the odds

Published November 20, 2005

I read with interest your article on the Joffrey Ballet (“A Leap of Faith,” Oct. 23). When the Joffrey was still in New York, I was asked by the firm that employed me to do some research for a client on the Joffrey board who wanted to know how the Chicago philanthropic community would view the idea of another ballet company moving to the city.

When I asked foundations and other organizations that funded the arts if they would support another ballet troupe, I was met with stunned silence. It was obvious to me that, of all of the performing arts in Chicago, dance is the least supported, especially ballet.

I recall reporting to the Joffrey board member that, while not impossible, getting the necessary financial support for the Joffrey in Chicago would be extremely difficult, at best.

What a pleasure to read that this wonderful ballet company has not only survived, but thrived in its adopted Chicago home-a leap of faith, indeed!


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