Gettin' Lucky

As I have mentioned before, sometimes you hear the most interesting things in the health club locker room.

A couple of weeks ago, two guys were talking in the locker room, and one fellow said to the other, “Ya’ know, I gave my kid the best home that I could. I was always there for him, and saw to it that he had the best education that money could buy. He even acknowledges to me that I was a great dad, and that he loves me very much. And, now he’s goin’ to screw up his life and go live with a woman much older than him, who already has children. And, there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it.”

The other guy replys, “Go let him screw up his life. You can’t stop him. If that’s what he wants to do—to go and throw away his future like that—then to Hell with him! I know that sounds harsh–but, you really can’t stop him.”

And, then he said, “You know, sometimes kids and parents get lucky. Sometimes kids actually listen to their parents, and realize that they speak from experience, and that they really have the kid’s best interest in mind. Both parties get real lucky when that happens. But, it occurs all too rarely, I think.”

I agree with him. All too rarely, indeed!

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