Passover and Easter-2007

I think that the messages of Passover and Easter are basically the same. It is faith in God’s divine love and providence that enables us to pass through the difficult times in our lives and gives us hope for a better future, both in this life and, for Christians at least, in the life to come.

Life is difficult at times. We know this. But, it is faith that sustains us. I have noticed that people without faith seem to stare into the dark, black hole of nothingness, when faced with life’s seeming overwhelming difficulties. How tragic—and, how I fear for them. They so easily fall into the valley of despair. But, the Passover and Easter stories tell us that, with faith in God’s love for us, we can overcome these difficulties, and have hope for a better future.

As one person said to me, “it’s not what you want, but what you get—that’s what you have to deal with.”

Rose Kennedy was reportedly once asked, with so many tragedies in her life, how she could remain so upbeat—so positive. It was said that her reply was, “Well, if the birds sing after the passing of a storm, why can’t we?”

Good advice. And, it is our faith in God’s abiding love for us that gives us the voice to sing that song.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Happy Easter!

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