Winners and Losers

The world seems to love a winner. That is certainly true in sports, in business—and, in life in general. Why, I believe that a best selling business book is even entitled, “Winning”. But, it has been my experience that those who “win”, at least in terms of how the world defines it, win because of their selfishness, their ruthlessness, their meanness, their complete lack of disregard for the welfare of others. But, the world seems not to care about the means—only the end. And, the end of this game is winning at all costs.

Those who “loose”, on the other hand, seem to loose, not out of stupidity or laziness, but because of their meekness, their humbleness, their selflessness, their kindness, their generosity, their poverty of spirit, and their unwillingness to “win” at the expense of others. They may have “lost” (in business or in the game of life, as the world defines it), but they are certainly not “losers”. The end doesn’t justify the means for them.

Could it be that the so called “winners”, as the world defines it, are actually, in the end, the real “losers”? And, that those who have “lost” (notice that I didn’t say “losers”) end up the real “winners”?

I think that might be the case.

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