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Two Quotes That I Like

“Think like a wise man–but, speak like a common man.” —William Butler Yeats “It’s not the example of our power. It’s the power of our example.” —Joe Biden

Remembering Roger Ebert

I had the great pleasure of meeting Roger Ebert twice during the many years that I was privileged to supervise the voting for the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the TV Academy for the Emmy Awards. The first time was when the

The $5 Candy Bar

On my way to the commuter train in the evening, there is a young black man who sells candy bars for a dollar a piece.  Often, he is standing there, selling his wares with his children.  Occasionally, I have stopped

The Map

Last winter, I was invited to tour an institution called the Catholic Theological Union ( by the president of this school. This organization is the largest Catholic divinity school in the United States, and is located in Hyde Park, near

A Charge to All Young People

I liked this quote when I read it. It reflects my wish for all young people, no matter what course they take in life. “Go forth and set the world on fire.” –St. Ignatius Loyola

Doing a Few Things Well

The one thing that I’ve seen in business that gets people into trouble, other than unbridled ego and greed, is that they take on too many tasks. They try to do too many things, for whatever reason (ego, maybe?), with

Skipping Through Life Frivolously

I recently had lunch with an attorney friend of mine (or, rather, I should say that he was kind enough to invite me to lunch at his downtown Chicago club). We were having a lively discussion, when he stops me


I’ve never been interested much in “things”. If you have a nice house, I think that is wonderful. If you have a big, fancy car, I’m very happy for you.  But, material goods just don’t interest me much. Oh, I

Finishing Their Symphonies

Over the several years or so, I have had at least ten friends, or close acquaintances, die from various diseases, mostly cancer of one type or another. The youngest was 50 years, with the oldest being 68 years–all cut down

It's More Important to Be Nice

Overheard recently,  “It’s nice to be important. But, it’s more important to be nice.” Couldn’t agree more.