He Who Has the Most Toys…

I recently had lunch with a friend, who was the former managing partner of a major law firm in Chicago. He is now the CEO of an important foundation in Chicago, which funds education and medical research activities. I think that his eyes have been opened to the fact that there is more to the work world than listening to the complaints of law partners that they aren’t making enough money. Where his world once consisted solely about looking “inward”,  for the first time in his life, he now has a job where he is looking “outward” at the world that surrounds him. He indicated to me how refreshing that is.

During the course of our luncheon, he asked me, “When do people begin to realize in their lives that there is more to life–that true success in life–is more than ‘he or she who has the most toys at the end wins’?”

I replied along the lines that, sadly, I believe, most people never come to this conclusion. They never even begin to think of this question. If they do, I opined, it is usually the result of some traumatic occurence in their lives, such as a health problem, the difficulties of a child, etc. Even then, it is difficult to pull away form the materialism of this world.

Interesting question, though. And, I’m glad that my friend is at least asking it, as his eyes are opened to the needs of the world around him in his new job

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